WEAll is recruiting – three exciting new freelance posts open for applications now

The Wellbeing Economy Alliance is recruiting for three exciting new freelance opportunities. Click on the titles to download a PDF of the job description with details of how to apply:

These posts have been made possible by the awarding of a new grant from Partners for a New Economy. The grant will enable WEAll to deliver an exciting project focused on the co-creation and adoption by governments of key policies to accelerate the shift to a wellbeing economy in countries that can be/are becoming exemplars and inspirations for others around the world.

All existing WEAll Amp Team members will be contributing to the delivery of this project, as well as on existing ‘core’ work.

The three new roles will also work across WEAll core work and project delivery, to varying degrees as set out in the job descriptions.

More about WEAll

WEAll is the leading global collaboration of organisations, alliances, movements and individuals working together to transform the economic system into one that delivers human and ecological wellbeing.

It is vital that collaboration and togetherness define our destination and also how we get there. The transformation required calls for an entirely different way of being within human society: a shift from “us vs. them” to “WE All”

A crucial role for WEAll is providing the connective tissue between the different elements of the movement for a wellbeing economy.

WEAll is driving forward and coordinating ambitious work to:

• Shift popular narratives around the purpose of the economy
• Synthesize and disseminate knowledge and evidence about what a wellbeing economy looks like and how we get there
• Galvanize a non-elite power base through place-based hubs and a global network of individuals and organizations.

Everything WEAll does, we do together with our members. WEAll was born out of a number of local and global movements, whose pioneering work formed the foundations of our theory of change. Now, with over 100 organisational members and over 50 renowned academics in our network, WEAll is the leading collaborative movement for economic system change.

Find out more by exploring the WEAll website. Potential candidates to these roles are encouraged to read the WEAll Vision brochure (click to download PDF).

More about the roles

These new roles present three exciting opportunities to work with a highly motivated team committed to accelerating economic system change. A team with a set of dedicated values: Togetherness, Care, Honesty, Equality and Passion.  This is WEAll’s core ‘amplification’ (Amp) team.

The self-employed contracts run for 10 months with the potential to renew (funding dependent). Remuneration figures are detailed in the job descriptions: figures are inclusive of all taxes for which the contractor will be responsible. The roles may demand international travel, as well as evening and weekend work on occasions so flexibility on time is key.

Location: While we encourage applications from anywhere in the world (working from home), we understand and appreciate the value of human connection. As such, our preference is to recruit for a person to be based in either Glasgow [Scotland] or Madrid [Spain]. We have members of the Amp team based in both locations.  In Glasgow, we can provide access to a co-working space, in Madrid it would be a home working scenario.

Details of how to apply are set out in each job description.

All positions have a deadline of 5pm GMT Monday 20 January, and interviews will be carried out on Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 January.

Please note that we would hope to start all successful candidates in the roles as soon as possible, and at the latest during March 2020.


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