Hola Members and Friends of WEAll,


We’ve got something very important to share with all of you and your full attention and participation is vital. So please, give us 5 minutes of your time and read carefully this email. 😊


WEAll is going to launch a Public Fundraising Campaign on the 4th of November. This means you’ll see this campaign on our website, social media and in emails from November to Christmas.


As you all know, WEAll is made of its members/citizens/collaborators and this campaign would like to be useful not only as for getting funds for the continuity of WEAll but useful as well in amplifying WEAll’s work, as well as the work of Members, Friends and Citizens. 


What are we asking from you to help us make this Campaign a success?

  1. An image or short video clip that showcases your work with a short description of it.
  2. This will hopefully be used in a short video showcasing what WEAll Members and Citizens are doing, and explaining WEAll’s connecting and amplifying role. 
  3. We’ll need to receive it by October 23rd at the latest – the sooner the better!
  4. We will also use the examples to amplify your work through WEAll channels into the future, beyond the fundraising campaign


Why we want your work to be amplified in this campaign?

  1. Because it explains what’s happening already in the world of the wellbeing economy and systemic change
  2. Because it explains what WEAll is all about
  3. To reach a wider audience with wellbeing economy messaging, making them feel hopeful and excited to participate


So, we’d like to collaborate in this Campaign together showing your work. WEAll needs more funding to ensure our sustainability and to help us keep up with the amazing momentum around wellbeing economy ideas.


It’s going to take you 5 minutes to choose your Image and to send Ana (ana@wellbeingeconomy.org) the short description. So please do it! We are a total of 92 organisational members, over 30 Associate Members and 700 Citizens. Let’s get together on this and let’s make an fantastic little video!


Thank you for your 10 minutes in total!! 😉


Best wishes,

AMP Team

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